35 weeks.

Just got home from my doctors office. This counted as my 35 week visit, although the doctors and I differ on when exactly I will hit 35 weeks. I say this Thursday, they say tomorrow. I continue to hold my own opinion of my due date… according to my NFP chart, the due date should be October 23rd. A date that was backed up by the ultrasound tech when we had that done what seems like a thousand years ago. The doctor just figured it from the date of my last period, which puts it at October 21st. I am well aware that the due date is just an approximation, and really, whats the difference in two days? I’ll tell you. When its October 24th and this kid is still kicking around in my gut, I would much rather think I’m just a day past my due date rather than 3 days past. You get what I’m saying? It’s a purely psychological thing. It’s like how my dad used to always over-estimate how much longer we had to be in the car on road trips.

We’d be halfway to New Jersey, and you’d ask him “Dad? How much longer till we get there?” He’d look at the clock, and reply “hmm…I’d say at least another 4 hours” Except the WHOLE trip took us like 5, and we’d been on the road for 2 and a half hours, we were halfway through Connecticut already…even if we DID hit New York traffic we should be there in another 3 hours…but when we expected to be in the car for 4 more hours and instead we were arriving at my uncles house after only another 2, well hey! Those 2 hours seemed like nothing!

In any case. I’m approximately 35 weeks along this week, and everything is looking just fine and normal. The thing that surprised me was that I havent gained a single pound since my 30-week appointment. I’m still at a total of 19 lbs. heavier than I was pre-pregnant. I feel a hell of a lot bigger, so I don’t know how that works out… but the nurse said its fine, so I’m not concerned. Guess there’s something to this ice cream and cereal diet afterall…

Sox/Rays tonight! We’re only a game behind, with a win we could pull into a first-place tie for the division! Its a biiiiiig series!!! I love the end of the season. I love the postseason. This baby is due during the week of the World Series. All I know is that it better not make me miss a game. If I go into labor during the World Series, you had better believe I will be watching the game from my hospital bed. And I think the baby’s going home outfit should definitely be something Red Sox related. Hmm. Better get to work on that.

Oh, and since we’re sort of entering the home stretch here, I am currently taking bets on the actual delivery date and size and gender of the child currently known as Baby LaMartina. Leave me your guesses in the comment box. Whoever guesses closest will totally win some sort of prize. So lets hear em.


Heres me. 35 weeks and 1 day.