10 more days.

Ten more days. 10. Diez. Dix. Zehn. X. Ten.

At least, ten days until the due date. Who knows when we’ll actually be seeing this kid. I’ve been having a few sporadic contractions, nothing painful, and the Braxton-Hicks have all but disappeared. So I feel like I’ve moved backwards. But I’ve got a doctor appointment tomorrow, so I’ll get to find out how things are looking.

Sitting here watching Game 3 of the ALCS. We’re only in the third and the Sox are down 5-0. Which is not the best way to begin a ballgame, but there’s still plenty of game left to go. It’s still totally winnable. If they would stop stranding runners in scoring postion…

I’m at home all week this week. Which on one hand- cool no work! I can get things done! But on the other hand- I’ve got to make sure I keep myself very very busy or I start thinking. And when I start thinking I start wondering. And when I start wondering, I start googling. And then next thing you know I’ve completely freaked myself out and read 5 different labor horror stories because I’ve googled “what do contractions feel like.” Today I kept quite busy.

It’s been a busy couple of days, really. Had a fantastic weekend. On Friday we went to a going-away party for a friend of ours that is leaving to do mission work in Honduras for a year. We’ll really miss her, but she is wicked excited about the whole thing. It’s a really cool opportunity for her.

On Saturday I got my hair cut, and I absolutely love love LOVE it. It’s not super short or anything, but it now looks nice and healthy and there are some shorter pieces around my face…it just looks good. After the haircut I headed off to a baby shower that a friend threw for me. That was a good time. She had plenty of baby-related games, and there was loads of delish food, and of course great friends and cute gifts to ooh and ahh over. I had a really nice time. Then I headed home, where we had some people over to grill out and watch the Red Sox game. It was fun to hang out with two sets of our couple friends, and actually all three of us are expecting, so that was pretty cool. The guys stood around outside and grilled and drank beer, and us girls sat around inside and drank water and talked about buying maternity clothes. I’m really glad that Nate and I have friends who are also couples (and we both like both of them), who are ALSO going to have babies by next spring.

I’ll end this uber long post here. I’ve got a game to watch. And some ice cream to eat. Catch you kids later.


38 weeks, 4 days.
wow. my hair looks really red in this picture.